Hiina pokkeri maailmameistrivõistlused reaalajas

Jälgi viimaseid uudiseid ning vaata läbi aegade esimest Hiina pokkeri MM-i reaalajas!

Some Notables in the House


At the start of level three, the list of participants already features 92 names and with the late registration open until 7:15 local time, the number should easily surpass the 100 margin.

Some of the players in the field are known to a wider poker audience, with the kinds of WSOP bracelet winner Konstantin Puchkov and polish poker icon Marcin Horecki competing for the OFC Poker World Championship title.

The €1,000 OFC Poker World Championship Main Event Starts with a Record!


After a record-breaking OFC World Championship High Roller event, today's €1,000 Main Event is keeping up with the trends by breaking a new record on the very first level.

With 81 player in the field, it's already the biggest-ever live OFC Poker event in player numbers.

Jennifer Shahade Becomes the First-Ever OFC World Championship High Roller Champion!


It's done, the first-ever Open Face Chinese Poker World Championship High Roller event is finished and it's Jennifer Shahade who won the title! In the final heads up play Jennifer defeated Ilya Bulychev and collected the €100,000 first-place prize along with the Champion trophy.

"It was the biggest buy-in event I ever played and I'm really happy I won," said Shahade in an interview after the game.

Head-Up Pics


Here are some pics for you from the Heads-Up Open Face Chinese Poker World Championship High Roller Event final table featuring Jennifer Shahade and Ilya Bulychev.

We're Down to Final Two!


The three-handed play didn't last long at the final table with the short-stacked Iakov Onuchin busting rather fast and leaving Jennifer Shahade and Ilya Bulychev head-up.

Iakov will collect the third-place cash prize of €33,500.

It's the Final Table!


For the first time in history, the OFC Poker World Championship High Roller event is down to the three handed final table!

Jennifer Shahade, Ilya Bulychev, and Iakov Onuchin are the last three players still standing.

Her are the final table chip counts:

Jason's Out, We're in the Money


Jason Mercier did not last long and busted out from the tournament immediately after the break. Good news for the remaining four players, they made it in the money!

The Stacks Are In!


With just five players left and the event on the break, we bring you the chip stack update. Bad news for Jason Mercier as he only has 13K and is light years behind his opponents.

Bubble Time!


Almost immediately after we saw Bruno Fitoussi leave the featured table, Jennifer Shahade collected a monster hand which not only tripled her stack, but also eliminated Mikhail Smirnov from the tournament.

With five players left, we're now playing hand for hand, until we have our bubble boy, or a girl.

Bruno's Out


He's been entertaining you for quite a while now, but his journey in the OFC Poker High Roller is over. Bruno Fitoussi has just lost his final chips to Ilya Bulychev and left the tournament in seventh place. 

We're now down to final six with Mikhail Smirnov, Maxim Panyak, Jason Mercier, Iakov Onuchin, Ilya Bulychev and Jennifer Shahade still in the chase for the first-ever OFC World Championship High Roller title and that €100,000 cash prize.

Five Qualify for the OFC World Championship Main Event


With the OFC World Championship High Roller still in action, five players have meanwhile qualified for tomorrow's €1,000 Main Event at the €120 last-minute qualifier.

A whooping 60 hopefuls entered the tournament rewarding five guaranteed seats to the OFC World Championship Main Event and after four hours of play, the five best collected their rewards.

Jason and Jennifer Talk OFC World Championship High Roller


Our friends from PokerNews.com caught up with the two of the biggest poker stars at the Tonybet Open Face Chinese Poker World Championship High Roller event, Jason Mercier and Jennifer Shahade who talked about their impressions on the event.

Where would Jason put the trophy back at home? What does Jennifer do when she's not playing OFC? Find all that out in the video.

We're Down to 8


The action slowed down a bit here at the OFC World Championship High Roller event after a rather fast start. With Alexander Kostrytsin eliminated in 10th place it was now Tobias Hausen, who left the tournament in 9th. The field now features Jason Mercier and Jennifer Shahade as well as Mikhail Smirnov, Maxim Panyak, Iakov Onuchin, and Bruno Fitoussi, Michael Schwatz and Ilya Bulychev all at the live stream table.

We Have a Video!


While you were enjoying the live stream we went around the tournament arena with a camera and made a short video of all the action outside the feature table. Here's what it looks like in here.

Here are the Payouts


With teh late registration closed, the tournament director has announced the official payouts. The winner of the event will not only receive the World Championship High Roller trophy, but will also take home a cash prize of €100,000!